IT Projects

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Our dedicated team of qualified project managers deliver variety of IT projects and liaise with all parties involved.

Areas of expertise are:

  • Design the project requirement
  • Manage Hardware/Software installations
  • Mange all software development
  • Deliver cloud solution
  • Project documentation
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Our solutions ensure you reach peak productivity, helping your business work to its full potential, 24/7. We’re ready when you are.

Each IT project has to be initiated for a reason and that reason could be IT upgrades/updates or business requirements. The technical sales team will discuss these requirements and engage your dedicated technical consultant to further understand the needs and budgets. Then a project plan is created:

Business Requirements – project goal and risks identified.

Project planning – the assigned project manager and the project team work together with all parties involved including the customer to plan all of the needed steps to reach a successful project conclusion.

Execution – once the project plan has been created, documented and agreed by all parties, the project team goes about executing the project plan to create the agreed deliverables.

Project Management – as the project is being executed, the project manager ensures time, cost, scope, quality, risk and other factors are met.

Project Completion – at the end project closure happens to ensure that all of the work has been completed, approved, and ultimately transferred ownership from the project team to operations.

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