Pay As You Go IT Support Contracts

We understand that not every business can allocate the resources required for monthly rolling contracts, especially during these current times as businesses find their feet, adjust to the new normal and get back on track.

That is why we offer a flexible pay as you go IT support service. You will have access to the same resources and experts, however you only pay for the work we do, as needed

The benefits of our pay as you go IT support contracts

  • No monthly rolling contract : this gives you greater flexibility and financial stability each month.
  • Only pay for what you need : many IT support companies will offer a set price per head, or employee. But with any company you will also have what’s known as super users who simply won’t ever contact our support desk, so why pay for support that isn’t needed?
  • Our award-winning service : despite being on a pay as you go contract, you will still have access to the same team and receive the same level of service

Why should you use our pay as you go IT support services?

Companies with limited budgets will often choose to only pay for the services they need when an issue arises. Start-up companies generally opt for this method for that very reason, but as highlighted above, these benefits also help the larger businesses.
If you are new to business, or newly expanding your business, then it can be challenging to know the level of support you are likely to need over the first 12 months. The infrastructure in place is likely to be much less than in larger organisations and therefore monthly contracts may be unnecessary.

Where pay as you go will also be beneficial is when you have short-term contracts or part-time staff, all with varying IT knowledge. You won’t need to adjust your headcount accordingly like you would on a monthly rolling contract, and will have the support needed as and when it is needed.


As your requirements may well change over time, Premier IT will be able to provide usage reports. There if you consistency go over the cost of a rolling monthly contract, then we would have that discussion with you to ensure you are receiving the best level of service for the best price, to you.

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