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We provide Managed Cloud Services

What are Managed Cloud Services?

Managed cloud services (MCS) are the organisation of computing products that operate in the cloud. Cloud services can comprise partial or complete management of resources or infrastructure.

Cloud managed services are managed by a third party to handle tasks such as data migration, configuration, optimisation, data security and system maintenance. A partially managed cloud service would only cover critical issues. Whilst completely managed cloud services offer updates, upgrades and a help desk with all tasks being handled by a third party.

Cloud Services Provider

There are many cloud services and hosting providers to choose from, a cloud provider is a third-party application which offers a cloud-based platform for application, infrastructure or storage services

Which one, is 360 Azure Google Cloud the best, let’s break this down.

Google offers cloud provider services which may appeal to a private user for a personal data solution and analytics. Google Cloud has many less beneficial tools & features for a business and its infrastructure.

At Premier IT Solutions we have found that the best-managed service providers are both Microsoft 360 & Azure. If you want advanced productivity software and top-notch improved networking capabilities Microsoft 360 is essential for your business.

Azure is more advanced for offering infrastructure development and complete control of IT Systems. Azure-integrated cloud resources are easy to customise for any business and its requirements and are in compliance with all security requirements.

As we are experts with managed cloud services, depending on your business requirements, we are on hand to guide you on the best cloud solution and services for your business. 

Cloud Solutions or Managed Services

Managed cloud services, manage what your company actually owns, whilst a communication services provider (CSP) manages and offers the technology and infrastructure that they own.

Which service provider you choose, cloud or communication will depend on your current capabilities, business needs and plans for growth. If you’re unsure about what services to choose, don’t worry we are here to offer our vast experience and advice.

Cloud Managed Service Providers

The best way to describe these services is to think of cloud and managed providers as an extension of your own IT team. As a service, it’s there to optimise a cloud environment, whether the provider is Google, 360 or Azure or even Amazon Web Services  (AWS).

Managed services cloud in today’s modern world is paramount if you want added security, and infrastructure flexibility. We provide unrivalled management services to insure your company can grow.

Benefits of a Managed Cloud Service

We offer multi-platforms for our management and cloud service, With Azure and Microsoft 360 being the popular cloud management options.

  • Improved and managed security
  • Improved and managed system up-time
  • Disaster Recovery Support
  • Narrowed business focus
  • Data & Security compliant
  • Data loss prevention
  • Flexibility and scalability
  • File Storage & File Sharing

We also offer multicloud management services as a cloud strategy that uses the best services by a provider to deploy a solution which works well for your business.

Our Cloud Support  & Managed Storage Services

We are here to help streamline your business with our cloud IT services. With us, at your side, you will have the ability to scale your business up with ease with our streamlining and management services in place.

With over seven years of cloud experience and solutions for businesses. We are a leading Microsoft Partner for cloud adoption and our managed cloud services. Which enables us to make a tailor-made cloud solution to transform your business.

We have listed the cloud services and benefits of our services below.

  • Access to Microsoft Office 365 & Microsoft Azure
  • IT infrastructure and maintenance costs reduced
  • Increased quick scalability options
  • Ability to detect any network security & threat issues
  • Managed backup and full data recovery services

With all of our cloud services and a solution in place, your business can reach peak productivity and its full potential with 24/7 support management in place.

What we offer and Cloud features

  • We use the best cloud providers
  • Microsoft Office 365 cloud provider
  • Microsoft Azure Cloud computing platform
  • Business Solutions & Services
  • Cloud-based replicas of your Active Directory
  • Server replication to maintain consistency and integrity of data
  • Ability to restore data from anywhere
  • Scalable and burst-capable solutions to add or remove users quickly, or decrease and increase electronic data processing
  • Complete network optimisation as part of a move to cloud service
  • Managed data backup service
  • Essential component of email management

Why choose our Managed Cloud Hosting as a service?

IT Virtualisation Services

Having a virtual cloud network to manage your business makes scaling easier, Infrastructures can be complex, but having a cloud solution you will not have these issues.

Server Monitoring

The health of your server or servers is monitored by our team. Preventing potential threats to your infrastructure, acting positively so as not to cause any issues.


We use a range of different firewalls to keep your data and IT equipment safe. We only use award-winning and high-end security services and support, ensuring all managed cloud services we manage are kept safe and secure.

Cloud 24/7 Support

Our cloud support is 24/7 365 days a year, Our level 3 technicians are on call for any infrastructure or service managed cloud problems.

Managed Cloud reduces overheads and increases Security

Cloud services managed by our team undoubtedly make the overhead costs of data management decrease, whilst heightening security.

Why Choose Cloud Services from Premier IT Solution?

We have over 26 years of IT experience putting in place infrastructure solutions for some of the largest companies in Europe.  As a team, we are both professional and friendly in our approach and passion for providing the best IT services and solutions for businesses.

With our IT services, we take away any concerns and manage your security and network connectivity. This ensures you and your employees with have a positive experience. Our focus is to make the cloud work for your organisation in a positive and productive way. This in turn will enhance your staff’s productivity within the company.

We don’t just put infrastructure and a cloud provider solution in place, We have stringent testing of all systems for both cloud security & operational use. We also offer full training to management & IT Staff on how all systems work.

As a company, we take care of everything, from a recommended cloud provider to infrastructure and security. Enabling your network to remain stable and all managed from our London head office.

In the industry, our services managed cloud operations are second to none. You can be assured we are here to help your company grow, and increase your revenue and we will always have your back.

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